Sounds Of Disaster
Supersonic Festival Day Three (Sunday)

The festival started with a two piece drone band playing tubas… In a cinema. Not the typical festival performance (which arguably is the best thing about Supersonic). It was different, for sure. They included a cover of an Earth song - Ouroboros Is Broken, which was both apt and enjoyable. While it certainly wasn’t my favourite thing of the day I’m glad I checked it out. I ended up staying for the whole set.

Pekko Kappi
A chap from Finland playing a strange bowed lyre thing. He was a very entertaining and likable character… The sound he got from his instrument was pretty strange too… Was worth watching for sure.

Mike Hurley Ensemble
This was a weird one. I had no idea what to expect upon turning up to the space they were performing in. I was quite surprised when I got there… They must have been the largest band playing! There was two drummers, a double bassist, a guy on keyboards and well, just look at the picture! There was a lot of people on that stage and you can’t even see them all in the picture - there’s two guys to the right who are out of shot. I have no idea which one is Mike Hurley by the way… Anyway, when I got in they were playing some quite avant garde jazzy stuff which was quite chaotic and complex… I wasn’t really digging it that much to be honest, and then it sort of simmered down into this more sparse quiet and interesting passage which was really really great. I think it must have been mostly (if not totally) improvised and they clearly knew what they were doing… At another point the chap playing melodica got off the stage and went to the barrier to sort of direct the other musicians… That was cool too. One of the most pleasant surprises of the day for me.

Eternal Tapestry
These guys were pretty cool… Psychedelic jams just going on like… I don’t know. Their name is sort of a good description of their sound though I think. It was pretty enjoyable stuff. I might have to check out any records they’ve made. They had a sax player who is almost impossible to see in this picture… He was almost impossible to hear from where I was standing too…

Drum Eyes
Scotch Egg’s band… Having seen Scotch Egg earlier in the festival and having read the description of Drum Eyes I knew they would be one to watch… I made sure to get there before they were on and to get to the front and man, am I glad I did! Quite simply these guys were one of the absolute highlights of the festival… They had two drummers which is always a good start, a guitarist and a woman playing violin and a bit of synth as well as Scotch Egg on bass and synth. From that kind of lineup you can tell they’re probably going to be great to watch! Seriously though, amazing stuff… It was energetic and fun and all other kinds of brilliant. The visuals were a perfect compliment to their show too. I’d take any chance to go see them again. I ended up buying their album straight after their performance. One of the best bands of the festival for sure. Guitarist just out of shot.

Barn Owl
I’d heard good things about Barn Owl, but never actually heard them… Upon arriving at the space they were performing at they sounded pretty boring… Just loud drones.

Cut Hands
Loud dirty electronic noisiness with odd rhythms. Apparently inspired by african music. Peculiar, interesting and cool. I can’t really explain it too well…

Tony Conrad
Some guy playing violin. I found it pretty boring and self indulgent…

Fire! With Oren Ambarchi
It was unfortunately busy in this area… I couldn’t even see Oren Ambarchi. It sounded pretty cool once it started to get going and I wish I’d stuck around for a bit longer. I like to see a band when I see a band though if you get what I mean…

Somewhat disappointing I have to say… I’d heard good things about Envy (but not actually heard them). They were okay, but really there didn’t seem to be anything all that special about them. I wanted to like them, but it just wasn’t all that great in my opinion. Maybe I’ll check out their recordings and change my opinion on them… But I wasn’t sold based on this performance.

Alva Noto
Ahh, this was some awesome music. Not much to watch since it was just a guy behind a laptop, but the visuals were pretty cool and went with the music perfectly. It was loud and sounded awesome. Glitchy minimal rhythmic brilliance. I’ve downloaded his latest album and I really like it. Great music. Would have stuck around longer but I wanted to check out Circle.

Another of the highlights for me… If not only due to their frontman’s hilariously flamboyant performance… I think the band’s lineup was exactly the same as Pharaoh Overlord who played the other day. The guitarists and bassist were definitely the same and I think the frontman for Circle was one of the drummers… Either way, they were totally different performances!!! This was just brilliant and over the top… Turbonegro who came on after didn’t really look all that camp after this. The singer was prancing around and sort of baptized all the other band members while they were playing… It was the most hilarious and cheesy performance ever. You just kind of had to be there I guess.

White Hills
This was in the same space Fire! played earlier and it was just as busy… These guys sounded great though. It was a shame I couldn’t really see… I ended up sitting on the floor by a wall for most of their set. Cool psychedelic music though… Will definitely be checking them out…

The headliners of the final day… The last band… I was at the barrier for their set, and it was pretty cool. They certainly have a lot of pretty hardcore fans… People who probably showed up only to see them and were kitted out with denim jackets covered in Turbonegro patches (and I think there was the odd sailor hat or two). It was a pretty cool atmosphere - instead of cheering when they came on stage everyone was singing ‘ohh-woah-oh I got erection!’. Funny stuff. They were pretty entertaining and definitely got the best reaction of all the bands playing… It was a good end to a great festival.