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Saade - Sade

Saade - Sade (Cassette)
Green cassette-only release from Czech Republic

I caught Saade twice this year on tour with Boris and Russian Circles and I really enjoyed them both times - I picked up their CD album which I enjoyed (Maybe I Fly has one of those incredible riffs which just sticks in your head) as well as a split 7” single they did with Boris. They also had a cassette for sale, which I didn’t pick up because I thought it was the same album as the CD. I later found out it was not - it’s actually their first release (when they were called ‘Sade’ rather than ‘Saade’ - technically self-titled) and not only that, but Wata from Boris was playing guitar on one of the tracks. That made me want it a little bit more… I had a look at trying to track it down and found the label in the Czech Republic who made the tape and emailed them (I couldn’t order from the site because it was all in Czech)… I later received an email from Tomas Zakopal (guitarist/vocalist) who thanked me for my interest and said he could send me the cassette plus their new cassette release for no extra cost! So yeah… It was a bit of effort to get this - googling around a few sites, emailing etc. But I’m glad I did… There’s some great tracks on here. More great riffs of course. They’re very much a riff orientated band… There’s a couple of tracks which really stand out for me - Flower Power (the track on which Wata plays guitar) and the track that comes straight after - White War. They lead into each other perfectly and White War is a great closer. The recording quality isn’t the best, and this has been referred to as a demo, but that lo-fi edge is nice. Sounds particularly cool on tape. In a nutshell; cool lo-fi fuzzy riffs and drums.